Whatever the size or configuration of your machine, every SENNEBOGEN delivers on the basic values you need for productive, profitable performance. By building simply, with non-proprietary components, SENNEBOGEN custom builds machines at costs competitive with assembly-line methods. With a clear focus on material handling tasks, SENNEBOGEN engineers ensure simple performance, simple operation and simple servicing without relying on complex electronics


    All models may be mounted on the full range of platforms including rubber tired or tracked undercarriages, pedestal and stationary mounts, locomotive, & gantry.


    Model 730 and 735 machines are specially engineered for log-handling applications with a compact size and high lifting capacity.

    TEC Pick Sennebogen

    SENNEBOGEN grapples, grabs and lifting magnets are engineered for optimum performance and reliability on green line machines.

    TEC Attachments Sennebogen

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