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TEC Extra Mile

At Tractor & Equipment Company we believe in going The Extra Mile for customers by giving you the best service we can offer. We accomplish this by employing only the best of the best technicians in the heavy equipment industry and offering the best manufacturer training in the industry. We take pride in our work, which is why we train and prepare every technican to become a Master Technician here at TEC.


Another aspect of TEC that sets us apart from our competition is our ReNew Center in Birmingham, AL.

Our RENEW Center is equipped with a clean-room for total hydraulic system rebuilds for any of your machine needs. With this ability to completely overhaul parts, engines, hydraulics, and more we are able to save you time and money on your equipment.

Tractor Equipment

Preventative Maintenance programs, like KOWA, are procedures that we take pride in by being able to keep your downtime to a minimum and prevent costly repairs or replacements. We use those results to give your equipment the attention it needs and fix any problems right away!


Proper Preventative Maintenance is key when it comes to saving time and money throughout the life of a machine. Let us help you get every hour out of your machine you can!

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