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Our dedicated team of 30 Product Support & Sales Representatives has all the answers to all the questions that you have about the heavy equipment that we carry here at Tractor & Equipment Company. With expert level training across all of our manufacturers they will be able to tell you which machine is the best machine for your job site.

Nobody wants to purchase equipment that isn't perfect for the task at hand, and that is where our PSSR's come in. We work hand in hand with our customers to make sure that your projects and your machines are all perfectly applied to the task at hand to help you avoid costly repairs and downtime from machines that are not properly equipped for the job. 

Stop by one of our 20 locations today or use the directory to the right to reach out to your local TEC PSSR today!


With our NODS (Network Overnight Delivery System) we are able to get you your parts as fast as possible. This allows us to get your machine in and out of the shop as quickly as possible, as well as getting you the right part at the right time for you and your jobsite.

Contact your nearest branch to speak with a parts counter representative and place an order today!

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